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indian diabetes radio's podcast

Sep 12, 2019

In this Audio you can learn about the 8 weeks diabetes challenge, 40 tasks involved in it and how to participate in the challenge from the comfort of your home.

Apr 20, 2019

Listen to this Episode to discover about Week-2 tasks.

Apr 1, 2019

Wake up time snd circadian rythms
Wakeup time & constipation
Ayurveda and wake up time
Alarm technique to wake up ⏰ 
After wakeup Do's & Dont's

Apr 1, 2019

  • Chromium deficiency is linked with low HDL levels
  • Copper deficiency leads to digestive disorders and  fatty  liver
  • Magnesium Deficiency can lead to impaired blood glucose metabolism
  • Foods rich in chromium,  copper & magnesium and other tips to improve.

Mar 11, 2019

  • Connection between digestion & vitamin B12.
  • How to improve your digestion
  • How grounding can help with neuropathy
  • How to do grounding
  • CCF Tea Recipe